Case Study

ROM Corporation

With the guidance of Century Park, ROM Corporation has been able to make three acquisitions and position our company strongly for the future. These acquisitions have helped change the mindset of many of our customers. We have built on our existing relationships and have become a trusted partner with a portfolio of products that improve worker productivity, safety, and ergonomics.

Jeff Hupke

Former CEO, ROM Corporation


Headquartered in Belton, Missouri, with additional locations in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, and West Saint Paul, Minnesota, ROM Corporation is a leading manufacturer of safety related products to the emergency, food distribution, and industrial sectors. ROM’s emergency line consists of roll-up doors, hose bed covers, LED compartment lighting, heavy-duty cargo trays and scene lighting products. The Company also produces a variety of ramps and trailer-access products sold primarily for use on refrigerated trailers used in the food distribution industry. Lastly, the company produces customized, engineered to order, safe access solutions for industrial applications as well as ergonomic ladder rack solutions for use on utility vehicles.


  • Stable end markets
  • Acquisition platform
  • Supplier of high performance components


Industry – Specialty Manufacturing

The Situation

When the prior owner of ROM made the decision to sell the company, they contacted Century Park Capital, with whom they had a prior relationship, to negotiate a deal directly. Century Park was interested in backing the existing management team and closed a transaction expeditiously at a fair and reasonable price. Along with supporting the lean manufacturing culture at ROM, Century Park worked with management to implement raw material sourcing initiatives and a proactive acquisition search process. As a result, ROM was able to record increasing margins during Century Park’s ownership, and closed four highly accretive and transformative acquisitions.

How We Helped

Century Park carefully assessed the situation, and identified additional strategic growth opportunities that ROM could pursue. These initiatives included the implementation of a targeted acquisition program and the development and introduction of new products. ROM’s management team, including the outgoing CEO, all wished to remain involved with the business and help grow the Company to the next level. Century Park created a stock option pool for management to allow these key members of the team to participate in the Company’s continued success.

The Result

After completing four add-on acquisitions and achieving significant organic growth, ROM was combined with another Century Park portfolio company, SMI Corporation, and sold to a larger industry consolidator.