Peter Innes, Executive Council

Industry / Market Specialty – Agri-Business, Food, Specialty Chemicals and International Business

Peter Innes joined the Executive Council of Century Park Capital Partners in 2004.

Peter has over 30 years of experience in the agri-business and biotechnology industries. He has served as the President and is presently the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Becker Underwood, Inc., a former Century Park portfolio company that manufactures specialty bio-agronomic and colorant products for turf management, agriculture, seed treatment, wood recycling, aquaculture, vegetation management, forestry, structural pest control and many other industries. The company was acquired by Century Park in 2000 and was successfully sold to a private equity firm in 2004. During this period, Becker Underwood expanded from a single facility business in Iowa to a global company with operations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Argentina and Australia. Peter served on the Board of Directors of Dickinson Frozen Foods, Inc., another former Century Park portfolio company that provides individually quick frozen foods to large industrial food manufacturers and food service companies.

Prior to joining Becker Underwood, Peter was the Group Managing Director of The MicroBio Group Limited (Cambridge, England), a manufacturer of bio-fertilizers and crop protection products that was acquired by Becker Underwood in 2000. He began his career at the Plant Breeding Institute in Cambridge, England.

Peter earned B.S. and Ph.D degrees in Biological Sciences from Imperial College, London.