Buy & Build

A cornerstone of Century Park’s value creation approach is to pursue a “buy and build” strategy once our platform companies have been fully operationally stabilized.   The buy and build strategy allows these platforms to accelerate product line extensions, geographic expansions, and to further diversify their customer bases.

Once we determine the appropriate strategy for acquisition, we formulate a clear roadmap of available targets and pursue a dedicated outreach effort utilizing both internal and external resources.  During the acquisition due diligence process, we work closely with our Operating Team to develop a detailed acquisition “game plan” that outlines precise activities to be completed post-closing to ensure a seamless integration.

While the buy and build strategy is not utilized with all of our portfolio companies, Century Park has averaged approximately three add-on acquisitions per platform investment.

Century Park worked with ROM to complete three acquisitions and totally transform the company over a five year period

Century Park helped Becker Underwood complete seven acquisitions, transforming the company from a single site agricultural chemicals company to a global player within four years

Over an eight year period, Century Park expanded Moss to new channels and geographies by completing four add-ons, including a game-changing European acquisition

Century Park helped Hi-Tech Rubber complete four acquisitions, broadening its product offering and geographic footprint

Century Park helped Eckler’s complete five acquisitions, expanding its product lineup and almost doubling the company’s profits