Operating Team

Across our entire portfolio, we work closely with our Operating Team to oversee and improve all operational aspects of our businesses.  The group is also instrumental at assisting with the assessment of new platform and add-on transaction opportunities, as needed.

About our Operating Team

Our Operating Team has significant experience effecting change and innovation in the manufacturing, technology and services industries.  Having held senior executive positions in companies that have led change in their business and industries, the principals of our team understand the operational ramifications of their recommendations and have actual hands-on experience implementing them in a live operational environment.

How our Operating Team Works

Our Operating Team works hand-in-hand with the due diligence team complementing our business, financial and legal diligence process with detailed operational assessment and integration planning.  Our team also works directly with the Century Park portfolio companies on an ongoing basis, overseeing operational and strategic initiatives as well as add-on acquisition integration in order maximize value across the entire portfolio.

With the assistance of our Operating Team, Lynx Grills completely re-engineered its factory operations



Our Operating Team continually helped ICM Products with plant optimization and efficiency projects


Our Operating Team helped Cirtec Medical create a detailed integration plan for a game-changing acquisition