“Mochi ice cream is an emerging and growing specialty food category, and with its innovative and high-quality products, The Mochi Ice Cream Company is the category leader. This is a truly rare and exciting opportunity to grow both the category and The Mochi Ice Cream Company business by bringing this ethnic-influenced and on-trend product more fully into the general market via strategic selling, strong consumer marketing and product innovation.”

Craig Berger
President & CEO, The Mochi Ice Cream Company

“When evaluating strategic alternatives for ICM Products, Inc., my number one object was to find an equity partner that I could trust with the business we had built for the last 22 years. After having met with a number of firms over the years, we decided to partner with Century Park because they demonstrated a level of honesty and integrity from day one that we had seen from very few others.”

Ken Charboneau
, ICM Products, Inc.

“Covercraft provides one of the rare opportunities where a premium brand energized by a highly loyal consumer base and significant market share can provide a meaningful platform for growth. We see exciting new opportunities through both product innovation and category expansion to take Covercraft to the next level. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Century Park and find their commitment to excellence and transparency to be incredibly empowering.”

Mark Korros
President & CEO, Covercraft Industries, Inc.

“In our search for equity partners, we found lots of sources of money. However, we found few people who we wanted as our partners. From the outset, we felt a natural connection with Century Park. Years later, we couldn’t be happier to have had them as part of our team.”

Bill Sherman
Former President, Hi-Tech Rubber, Inc.

“At our initial meeting with Century Park Capital, they told us that they invested in individuals, collaborating with management to build businesses. They did not pretend to be experts in our industry, but did promise to provide us with capital and guidance. They impressed us with their honest, down-to-earth approach. After spending four years with them as our equity partner, we were even more impressed.”

Roger Underwood
Former CEO & Chairman, Becker Underwood, Inc.

“Since investing in Cirtec, Century Park has helped management focus on the bigger picture — to see what is possible. We expect to achieve great success with Century Park’s guidance.”

Brian Highley
CEO, Cirtec Medical Systems, LLC.

“I think we were very lucky to have worked with Century Park. They built a great working relationship based on trust and competence and helped guide us through a challenging economic environment in a manner that has made Eckler’s a larger, more profitable, more efficient, and better focused company.”

Matt Jordan
CEO, Eckler’s Enterprises, Inc.

“After meeting Century Park Capital and then reviewing their proposal, we were sure we had found a true partner who understood our business model, its attributes and challenges, and understood and appreciated our needs and expectations. They delivered exactly what they promised. Always supportive and available for consultation, they added enormous value in their areas of expertise but assiduously kept from meddling in the company’s day-to-day operations.”

Michael Levin
Former President and CEO, Kidsline, Inc.

“Dickinson Frozen Foods and Century Park Capital Partners had a very productive partnership. Century Park’s financial and strategic expertise helped Dickinson Frozen Foods grow to become a key processor and marketer of premium frozen vegetables to other food manufacturers and to the food service industry. Century Park’s support and guidance on value-added activities were also key ingredients in our successful sale of Dickinson Frozen Foods.”

Peter Reijula
Former Chief Executive Officer of Dickinson Frozen Foods, Inc.